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Sony DTC-700 moisture curciut problem


I have a Sony DTC-700 DAT machine. About a month after I purchased it stopped all functions with the "caution" light coming on as soon as a DAT tape is loaded, and prevents all functions. According to the user manual this indicates a that moisture is present in the unit. I followed the instructions for correcting this problem, but it still will not work. I believe the circuit on the main board that controls the "caution" light is faulty, or possibly a sensor that prevents the unit from operating if moisture is present. I am positive that there is no moisture present in the unit. Can someone possibly direct me on a repair for this? is there a way to jumper the circuit to close it? Thanks so much for anyone that can offer some assistance on this! Please feel free to message me. Also...HATS OFF THE CREATORS OF THIS SITE!!!! I have just downloaded and printed the service manual for the unit FOR FREE! Hopefully it will get me started in the right direction.