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Sony hifi-products of 1995

Hello all geniuses!

I can't find a 1995 hifi audio catalog (apart from the ES one) and I need some information on what hifi-components were available this year.

But here comes the twist. I only need the models below the ES line-up! I'm not interested in the ES range at all at this point as I try to rebuild a decent time-accurate system from this year. As I still have my original TC-WR665s cassette deck, I thought I'd use that as a base and find a matching amp and tuner to begin with.

The TC-WR665s was not the most high-end deck available this year (I think it came in second or third best in the dual tape-decks section but I'm not sure here) so I'll try to keep the rest of the system at the same relative quality-tier.

Thanks for all and any help/ideas!