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Sony PS-X4 turntable

Yesterday i bought a Sony PS-X4 turntable at a Thriftstore (a second handstore foor goodwill)

The reject butten doen't work and the arm doesn't return at the end of the record.
That's why it was cheap.

now i want to repaer it, and i need the service manual

who can provide me one for free?

Turntable Manuals

Manuals for turntables are posted over at the Vinyl Engine





can I sign in on the vinylengine site with my hifiengine password?

kind regards,

tom de with

Sign in

Sorry, no. The Vinyl Engine site runs on different software and has a separate database so to use the library you would need to register an account there.


help with registering on Vinyl Engine

Hello JaS,

I redid my password for hifiengine which worked great. When I wanted to use VE for turntables, It said I needed to log in. Is VE a separate site where I need to have a separate account? I tried to use the one I have for hifiengine. That would not work for me. I do not want to appear to have multiple registrations and be kicked off. What can I do? Thank you for a great service! Mike Sweers

I have since read the Faq section. Yes, there was a answer to my question. When I tried to register, I was directed to type in the code I see, which showed only the capital letters - not the colored box with the letters inside the box. How do I proceed please? I am unable to go beyond this point. thank you

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The Captcha image displays in IE 9 and Firefox 4 in Windows. Are you using another browser/operating system?