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Sony service manuals

I'm looking for service manuals for the Sony TC-K555ES or TC-K series cassette decks, CDP-552ES, ST-5000F and TA-N series.

TA-N77ES schematic

Thanks!! the Service Manuel is god.

TA-N series

Hi i have the TA-N77ES schematic.
Will do?

TA-N77ES schematic.


I am searching for this manual too. I just bought one last saturday.

Can you please mail it to me (relayATchello.nl).


TA-N77ES schematic


I'm looking for the TA-N77ES schematic also.
my Mail is nospam/martin.nuki@freenet.de
delete "nospam/"

I'd like a copy of the

I'd like a copy of the serice manual if you have one