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Sony sqd 2020 and Sony ss7200

Hi can anybody give me any advice I have Sony ss7200 speakers and a decoder sqd2020........I'm confused what kind of amp do I need as don't have 70s amp all mine have wire grab connectors....... I just really want to Get it set up somehow as I have a little fetish for vu meters

Re: Sony sqd 2020 and Sony ss7200 | suggestions

Sony SS-7200 loudspeakers have sensitivity of at least 90 dB. This means you can easily drive them to substantial playback levels with around 25 watts per channel. This would be enough to fill a typical listening space of 12 by 15 feet, up to 10 foot ceiling, yielding a significant sound pressure. If the intent is to "rock out" in the room with 90 dB SPL at the listening position, then 35 - 70 watts per channel is more realistic. Matching Sony integrated amplifiers from the era worth considering are: TA-1120A, '1144, '1150, '3650 and many more. Receivers from the era are STR-3800, '4800, '6060, '7045, '7055, STR-V2, 'V3 and a plethora of others. Decide whether you want integrated amp with option for tuner later, or all-in-one setup using a receiver. Either option can provide stellar performance. Sony products of the 1970s are conservatively rated and under-appreciated. For a budget setup, consider a Sony TA-1055 integrated amp, they are plentiful. It provides 23 watts into 8 ohms, but this is greatly underrated. Split level controls annoy some users, so look at the knobs and decide if you want a "single twist" volume device.
SQD-2020 is a quadraphonic decoder which serves little purpose in most home stereo systems. It is intended to take an encoded two-channel signal and create four channels, left and right with front and rear counterparts. Some folks still pursue quad playback, selling the unit would be great way to fund purchase of integrated amp or receiver. There are plenty of VU meter devices available, so parting with the '2020 is pragmatic resolve.

Re: Sony sqd 2020 and Sony ss7200


Any type of power amplifier will work for you. It doesn't need to be very powerful, however the minimum power level I recommend is 60 watts / channel into 8 ohms. Anything less powerful may have trouble with inefficient speakers. Download the instruction manual available on this site and follow the hook-up instructions.