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Sony TA-1055 advise speakers

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Hi , since a few weeks I have a (recapped) Sony TA-1055, and I love it.
My speakers are the Paradigm ATOM SE, 15-100W, 8Ω (Max Input Power 50Watts).
The TA-1055: RMS 20 W@8Ω, dynamic power Output of 70 W@8Ω .
I didn't realize the power of this TA-1055. I only use the volume sliders at 1-2 which is loud enough. What type of speakers are a better match for the Sony TA-1055? I was mistaken that 'only' 20 Watts would be sufficient for 15-100 W modern speakers?
The analog Output of my Onkyo NS-6130: 2V (rms) 470 Ω
The Input AUX (TA-1055) : 250 mV 50K-ohm. I hope someone can advise me,

Thanks !

Re: Sony TA-1055 advise speakers

The TA-1055 is pre CD so none of the inputs is ideal for the 2V output of a CD/Media player.

If the volume control is too sensitive you could use either a fixed inline attenuator or passive volume control between the NS-6130 and the amp to lower the signal before it gets to the amp. Some folks sell attenuated cables for the same purpose, but they are expensive.