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Sony TA-1150 "D" Integrated Amplifier

Does anyone have a copy of a service manual-parts list-schematic for a TA-1150D.

I'm in serious need of info for troubleshooting one of these.


Re: Sony TA-1150 "D" Integrated Amplifier

Somewhere in the world there has to be a Service Manual for a Sony ta-1150D. : )

Any ideas on a good place to look or a contact even would be greatly appreciated!!!


Re: Sony TA-1150 "D" Integrated Amplifier

I do think that I have an original manual for a Sony 1150. I dont understand what you mean by 1150 'D'. Excuse my ignoramce.

Re: Sony TA-1150 "D" Integrated Amplifier

Thank you for the reply mpseibel.

The Sony TA-1150 was produced from 1972-1976. Sometime in 1974 changes were made in the circuit of the TA-1150 and the TA-1150D was born.

The changes made are especially apparent on the Equalizer board. This also happens to be the area and the components that were damaged when the output transistors shorted on the TA-1150D I am working on.

Soooo...without a schematic/parts list, or the service manual (with values for setting the outputs once I'm able to repair the unit) my repair is stalled.

Thanks again for your help. I'm sure someone, somewhere, has a copy of this elusive service manual.


Re: Sony TA-1150 "D" Integrated Amplifier

I just picked one of these up myself! What a powerhouse! I might be able to take some voltages for you? Did you ever find the manual? Best!

Re: Sony TA-1150 "D" Integrated Amplifier

Thank you much for the kind offer tweeter21.

Not yet on locating a service manual. I'm still hopeful though. : )

When I get back home next week I may ask you to take a look at the equalizer board on your TA-1150d. There were a couple of resistors on mine that have been burnt beyond recognition and I would appreciate your verifying the values.

I also need to get some replacement outputs ordered and a parts list put together for recapping the amp board at least.

Lots of work just to get started on this one, but I'm with you and believe it will be a worthwhile project.

Re: Sony TA-1150 "D" Integrated Amplifier

I also did not know about the "D" model, but I have a full workshop manual for the TA-1150, which I bought from a company in the USA some years ago. I'm from South Africa. Unfortunately I lost the PDF file, but still have a printout. I'm willing to scan it into a PDF file again if you still want it.

A bit of experience with my TA-1150 which I obtained in 1973: The power transistors went short cct quite a few times, but I never experienced any other component blow out because of it except for the 2 4A fuses. I could not get hold of the original transistors and replaced them with TDA243 and TDA244's which I had to pick out very carefully to get matching pairs, but they did not last very long. I did not have the manual then and the amp was running extremely hot for quite a few years. (The case became untouchable after a few hours).

Then I found some MJE... transistors which are still running for about 3 years now. When I got the manual and set the bias voltage correctly the amp never got that hot anymore. I also replaced all electrolitic capacitors and found the sound quality to be as good as it was many years ago. I also replaced the smoothing caps on the power supply with 6400uF caps which improved the bass quality.

If you can hear a thud sound on the speakers when switching on you have to replace the 2 timing caps on the muting cct. I replaced it with higher capacitance than the original, so nothing is heard on switching on.

This amp is still in daily use.

Re: Sony TA-1150 "D" Integrated Amplifier

Thank you Charle Joubert.

I appreciate you sharing your first hand experience with this unit.

You are quite right in questioning the shorted output transistors as the cause of the other components failure. At this point in the process that is simply speculation on my part or (a best guess). : )

Good information on the output transistors. I am not yet to the point of ordering parts but did plan to at least replace the capacitors on the power amplifier board. New large main filter caps are also on my list. If you regard the timing caps you mentioned as problematic, I'll plan on replacing them as a matter of preventive maintenance.

As you already know, my first order of business is to determine what caused this failure in the first place and make sure I've got a good handle on my repair before I throw a lot of new parts into the mix. To that end I'll continue my search for a service manual for this amplifier.

Good to hear that your amp is still in service. I hope to have this one up and running before too very long!

Thanks again.