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Sony TA-F35 issue

Hi HifiEngine friends,

I have an issue with a Sony TA-F35 Integrated Amplifier : it is mute for the first time (I have bought it new...).

When I switch the power on, I ear no more the habitual "click" before starting.

Which are the relevant tests to do ?

I have some electronic knowledge and tools like multimeter, soldering iron.

I hope that you could help me for fixing

Many thanks

Re: Sony TA-F35 issue

I can help you diagnose the unit. The protection circuit requires particular balancing of control voltages. Send me a PM and I will provide tips for measurements and component checks. I do not want to be liable of posting to the general populous.

Re: Sony TA-F35 issue

The DC bias and/or balance may need adjustment. The service manual is on this site and has the procedure. If that doesn't work then there may be bad components in the output stage.