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Sony TC 105-A overheated

I left the recorder on and it overheated. After cooling it down, now the replay speed settings seem off, and it won't rewind for a sustained period of time (although if I remove the reels and keep the tape sensor lifted, the take-up spindle will keep turning). Any ideas on what the problem is, or what it will take to fix it? Thanks!

Sony TC 105

check and clean or replace all belts and idler tires, you might be ok by cleaning them with rubber renu or similar product, clean the tape path with isopropol alchohol, do not use this on rubber wheels or belts, if the belts are old just replace them, they will go bad over time, speed problems are usually caused by these rubber parts, just leaving it turned on should not cause over heating unless there are other problems

Sony TC 105

Thanks, Stone Cat! I will look at these things. -- when I discovered I'd left the player on, by the way, something plastic had melted and run out of the back fan vent, so I wasn't sure if I'd shot the motor or melted a housing or something. I am not very familiar with audio equipment... I wonder if you know what that might have been about.

I appreciate your help!

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TC-105 and other decks

Many of the older Sony single motor used a capacitor that over time deteriorates and even overheats and melts. The first sign of trouble on these machines is they slow down after the motor has been running about a half an hour. On this deck, this will be a silver cylinder about the size of a 45 RPM adapter with a plastic cap over it, near the motor. You will notice the wires from the motor going to the cap. From what you've described, I also presume you will also notice a large amount of "goo" coming from this.

As I recall, the value on this is 1.5 uF @ 250VAC. Do not use an electrolytic here, this is an AC circuit. When I replaced mine (TC-366, similar mech), I used standard film capacitors on a perf board. The TC-105 is a machine that holds a very special place in my heart, it was the first really good machine I owned. It was gifted to me from an uncle when I was in my early teens. I wish I still had it, but I am sure eBay will eventually fill that piece of my history someday. Good luck with yours.


TC-105 capacitor

Hi, SRW. Thanks for this!! Yep, there was a prodigious amount of "goo." This helps me out a lot -- thanks for your reply! And I wish you well in fulfilling that piece of your audio history! It's amazing how powerfully these machines can take us back...