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Sony tc-277 reel deck

Just picked one up - i almost new cosmetic condition. I was told that it did not engage. I got it home, loadd a tape and it did work seemingly fine. a nice surprise. And great sounding, very warm.

There's an occasional grinding noise but i thing new belts and lube will fix that.
Then when playing a tape, i noticed the speed was slow.

I made a few recordings with an a2300sx and when playing them back on the Sony. they were slow. I A/B'sd it with the source, my iPod and it was indeed slower.. Now.. was the Teac recording too fast so it played slow n the Sony or is the Sony slow.

Isn't there a strobe to check the speed? - or way to correct the speed? .
I downloaded the manuals (user and service) no mention of speed adjustments.

Thanks !!!

PS - I was thinking of using a guitar note as a reference - play two side by side and zero beat it. but i was hoping for a simpler solution.