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Sony TC-353d

Any information or comments. I was at an estate sale a few weeks ago where everything had to go. At the last hour I bought a Sony TC-353D reel to reel that was still brand new in the box and had never been opened or unpacked. Date on the box is Feb. 2 1972. This machine had never seen the light of day. I bought it for $30.00. I brought it home, set it up and checked everything out. It plays and records great for awhile. Then the speed seems to slow down. I re-oiled the gears thinking everything maybe dried up. Again It works fine for a while but still slows down after a period of time. Even the fast forward and rewind mode is slow. Maybe the motor bearings are dry too I don't know. Any thoughts?

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Re: Sony TC-353d

Check the belts and pinch roller and clean all rubber with some kind of alcohol.

Re: Sony TC-353d

Could be dried lubrication, in the motor or other places. Take the belt off the motor and turn it by hand; it should move freely. If it's OK, the motor capacitor(s) may be bad now. These are AC capacitors and the value is critical; they will be something like 1.5uf.
The capstan needs to move freely; it's the shaft mounted to the flywheel that drives the tape against the pinch roller.