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Sony TC 355 Voltage Srelector

The paper showing the multiple voltage sections on my unit fell off while doing maintenance. How does the proper voltage position set relative to the Sony nameplate so the selector pin can be reinserted to provide the 120-volt source I have to operate the machine

Re: Sony TC 355 Voltage Srelector

I found a picture of selector plug installed for 117v, applicable to 120 VAC operation. Here's link: https://farm4.static.flickr.com/3557/3313358186_951c3f043a_o.jpg It appears the 117v setting has opening at 12 o'clock position, selector handle is just shy of being horizontal. Best of luck with your gear.

Re: Sony TC 355 Voltage Srelector

If you have a multimeter you can determine the correct position by resistance. There are 6 positions for the selector: 100 volts, 110, 117, 125, 220 and 240. The 100 volt setting will have the lowest resistance. Put the multimeter on ohms and measure across the power plug; the 4th setting from lowest reading will be 125 volts.