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Sony TC-630 Reel to reel

https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/sony/tc-630.shtml This is the model of my reel to reel. I'm trying to get it to play but im having some troubles, seems stuck on Fast Forward but im not even sure if im threading the tape properly. I think i need a photograph of the tape being thread through it, or atleast some clear instructions.

Re: Sony TC-630 Reel to reel

The operation manual is here on hifiengine. Is the pinch roller engaging? If not, it may pull the tape through at a fast speed. This would be a lubrication problem with the pinch roller mechanism; it is usually more involved than just oiling the mechanism--it will need to be disassembled for cleaning first.

Re: Sony TC-630 Reel to reel

The operation manual does not have the instructions for how the tape is played through the machine, atleast i could not find it. Its old and definitely needs some oil/ cleaning though so i will give this a try. Thanks for your help.