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Sony TC-630 Request

I'm going to need at least one reel cap for a Sony TC-630 reel-to-reel player. Any suggestions where I can pick one up? Thanks.

Sony TC-630

the part number for the reel cap for the TC 630 is 430-229-03 I have 2 reel caps part number 430-229-00 I cannot tell from the picture on the manual if they look the same, note however that I also have the manual for a TC-630D and it looks quite a bit different than the TC-630, the part number for the reel cap for the TC-630D is 3-430-229. I also have 3 other reel caps but they were in a box with no part number and have "for vertical use only" stamped on them. these reel caps have never been used, I hate to say brand new because they must be 30 to 40 years old, they are old stock that never got sold. I may have other parts used by this recorder, The 2 reel caps are round where as the 3 reel caps are triangular in shape, hope that helps