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Sony TC-630 Stereo Tapecorder

I have a Sony TC-630 Stereo Tapecorder that belongs to my father. He is in the nursing home now and cannot help me with it. I got it out awhile back so that I could play some of his old reels. I can get it to rewind and fastforward, but when I put it on play it will not do anything. The tape does not turn. I went to our local radio station and they have an old reel to reel player simular to my father's but a newer model. It had been years since anyone had tried to work their player. Only one woman knew anything at all about it there and she tried and tried to get it to play and could not. It did the same thing as my father's. It would rewind and fastforward, but not play. The tape would not turn when she pushed the play button. When she took the tape off the player and pushed play with no reels on it the things would spin that the tape reels go on. I figure there has got to be some little something we are not doing right. Can anyone help me please?

Belt for my Sony TC-630 Stereo Tapecorder

As I mentioned once before the main belt on my tapecorder had broken. I ordered a new belt through Vintage Electronics and they sent me a belt kit. However the main belt they sent was very thin in thickness. They sent a smaller round belt to put on the plastic pulley before putting this belt on saying that this would work. Unfortunately even with the smaller belt on first and then the larger one on they are still not thick enough. The belt has to touch the bottom part of the left reel so that when I turn the player to rewind it will rewind the tape. Since the belt is not thick enough I am unable to rewind. This is such a pain! After playing a tape I have to take both reels off the machine and put them on the opposite reels and fast forward to put the tape back on the original reel. Takes time doing all this. Does anyone know anywhere that I can get a belt that is the right thickness?
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Need help recording to CD

I really hope someone can help me with this. I want to be able to record my reel to reel tapes directly to CD without having to go through a computer. Isn't there a CD recorder of some kind that I can just plug directly into the Sony TC-630 player? Please help me!

DC recorder with analog input

I think all CD recorders have analog input, so there should be no problem. A recommended CD recorder with good sound is Marantz CDR630, but I heard that it may not record on all new type CDRs. At least gold and green colored CDR are OK.

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need new belt & need cd recorder

When I took off the cover to oil my Sony I discovered that this belt on it is almost totally split in two. It is barely holding together. I have got to get a new belt. Also, I need to know what kind of cd recorder I should get. I have seen a few to record cassettes and albums to cd but not one to record reel to reel tapes to. Will the recorders for the cassettes and albums work with the reel to reel?

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sony tc-630

Hey i have a sony tc-650 and it's real similiar to mine.I think that your tape may not be
loaded right.Follow the tape,coming from the left spool with all of the tape on it,when leading it across
to the other (empty)spool,make sure that the tape is running underneath a little metal wire looking
thing on the left hand side undeneath.It will be hanging down and when the tape is loaded up on the
right hand side,pull the empty spool on the right side withyour hand and you should see the little metal
clip hanging down will pull up when the tape is spooled up on the right and tension is pulled taught.
You should now be able to hit play and hear some sound,also make sure your buttons on the bottom are
selected to tape and not source....Good Luck, Rick

I got my Sony TC-630 working

I got my Sony TC-630 working thanks to Rick! I think it still needs to be oiled as it makes a strange sound. But I can hear the tapes. Now I need to know exactly what it is that I need to purchase to hook up to it so that I can put the music from the reels onto CD.

Thank you so much, Rick!!! I

Thank you so much, Rick!!! I am gonna check this out. I was afraid it might be something to do with how the tape was loaded, but I did not know how to load it correctly.

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sony tc-630

Hi Diane,
Glad to help.You can put some very fine oil (like sewing machine oil-the light type-clear)on the
spinning part of your tape deck.It will be a little round rod spinning the whole time the unit is on.
But remember to NOT get ANY oil on ANY surface that the actual tape will come in contact with.
To really oil it correctly you would need to take the screws out of the front of the panel and oil the
actual spindles on each side(the round things that the tape fits on.You make have to take it to a local
repair shop and tell them you just want to get it cleaned and oiled.
Also the cables you need would be an ordinary patch cord.You can get at Radio Shack cheap.
Plug the sony's output into your tape deck or cd recorder's input,then put in a blank tape/cd
and push play on the Sony and record on the other unit,that's it.

Good Luck.....Rick

Thank you, Rick! I still

Thank you, Rick! I still have the original owners manual and it shows exactly how to oil it. I plan to do it myself. I did ask my Daddy about the kind of oil to use. He used to keep the thing in tip top shape when many years ago before his nerves got the best of him. He could also repair any kind of sewing machine as he was an upholster and his sewing machine was his livelyhood. Of course now he is unable to do any kind of work on the Sony machine as he is in the nursing home. I was so glad to find this website! Thank you for the ino about the patch cord! I did not know what I would need.

For a CD Recorder with analog

For a CD Recorder with analog inputs, Tascams are best. As a rule much more reliable and less finicky about blank media.