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Sony TC 880-2 Service and TC 765 Service +owner Manual PLEASE can trade for 880 owners++??

Hi I am after these 2 service manuals - Sony REEl to Reel TC-880-2 and TC-765. I also need the owner manual for the 765 but not as urgent as the 880. I Have the TC 880 user manual that I can scan for a trade? Or?? what do you need? Please and thank you. My email is audio16@live.com - Cheers!

tc880-2 sm

I have a copy of this service manual, but not user manual, I can scan and send you shortly if you still need it.

tc-880-2 sm

I have sent him through his private e-mail the link to download it.
I wonder why he does not try to do it himself.

HI the one you sent me

HI the one you sent me doesn't work that site wont work for me, I appreciate the email though!