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Sony TC -K 670 I need your consultation, Please

I have 2 models Cassette decks of Sony made for Europe , TC-K 670 and TC-K 590, the both are similar decks , but, there are differnces , both have "calibration" adjustment , but , only TC k 590 have button "callibration" , we can do it ,calibrate for differnt typê of tapes, but TC- K 670 dont have the button "Calibration " ,What do you think about it , how to use without?
Thanks , im waiting for yours ideas!!!

Hi, You can consult TC-K670


You can consult TC-K670 Owners Manual available to download from HiFi Engine "Manuals" menu under "Sony". Briefly, for particular tape make and type You shold make test recording from good source, music should contain high frequencies (treble). The best is to use headphones connected to deck's jack and compare recorded sound level and treble content with original ones by means of switching "monitor" button between "source" and "tape". The aim is to reach as simillar sound as possible in both positions of the switch. Preferably first adjust level and then bias. Higher bias means less distortion and lower treble level, lower bias gives more distortion and richer trebles. proper calibration is essential for good recording results with Dolby B or C.

tc k 670

Thank you for your attention , i will try that method, we will see , i'll reply you after