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Sony TC-K555 (ES, ESII) , TC-K666ES, TC-K777 (ES, ESII) service manual?

I need service manuals for Sony TC-K555, 666, 777 tape decks!!! I have all 3 decks and I have problems with TC-K555 - this unit don't pull up the heads and pinch rollers! I think that it's an electronic defect! Can someone help Me?

SONY TC-K666es/TC-K777es/TC-K777esII Service Manuals

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Thank You very much , Caffrox!!!!

Many thanks for 666 and 777 manuals!!! I stil look for TC-K555 (ES,ESII) service manuals! I need the TC-K555 service manual!!!!

Meny Thanks for this manuals!

I stil look too for TC-K555 (ES,ESII) service manuals!

Re: Meny Thanks for this manuals!


Would love a service manual.