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Sony TC-K611S

I wasn't sure where to post this as I can't find a forums page but recently I acquired some quite astonishing equipment (a Sony TC-K611S cassette deck). Whilst buying it I asked to test in which the cassette would not play. At the time I did not know what It could be. I soon realised when I opened the deck that the belt had snapped and wrapped around the motor and capstan reel, my guess due to the person saying it had been in storage for many years I would have guessed the belt would have age hardened into position, but to my horror the belt was a gooey mess which has been a pain to remove. My research online taught me that the belt was easy to replace but I cannot locate a belt or instruction to taking out the mechanism in order for easy accessibility.

PS: I have found instructions for replacement of the belt but do not know how to remove the faceplate and mechanism.

Sorry If I have put this in the wrong section.