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Does anyone know if SONY TC-K670 can be used with the remote?
If yes what type of remote control fits? Possibly where to be found?

The Sony does have remote

The Sony does have remote control capability although the unit did not come with a remote nor does it list one in the owners manual or the service manual. On page 6 of the owners manual which is available here on hi fi engine it states what to look for on a sony receiver or amp remote if it were to work on this unit. I would suggest asking sony customer service what remote is currently available that would work with this unit.

Remote for TC-K670 et al

Most of these Sony decks have no IR "eye" to receive remote signal. You need to have a Receiver or tuner with a Control S connector and a control S cable in order to get commands into the unit.


hmmm Looking at the service lit, the tc-k670 has an ir receiver and the owners manual states that any sony ir remote with tape functions should work with this unit.