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Sony TC-K707-EC Cassette deck problem

Hello All,

I'm new to this forum and recently found the site. I'm hopeful that I can obtain some information to help me correct a problem I'm having with my Sony TC-K707-EC Cassette deck. First I've had this deck for a number of years and due to my wife and I playing a lot of cd's and vinyl, the cassette deck has been idle for a long, long time. The last time it was used, the deck worked just fine. Now, however, when I tried to use it, a serious problem occurs. When a cassette is installed and "play" is activated, the heads begin to hunt (continuously move up and down as if trying to lock into position and play). Then the machine stops. Occasionally, the heads move up into position and the cassette begins to play. However, after a few seconds, the tape will stop with the heads hunting again until the unit simply stops completely. Attempting to press the "play" button again will cause the heads to move back into position (sometimes hunting several times) and the playback will start to run until it stops again and the heads drop down. Obviously, the unit is useless as it stands. I've replaced both large capstan belts which seemed to help slightly but did not correct the problem. When the cassette does play (even for a brief time), it sounds good and is playing at a good speed without obvious wow or flutter. Can anyone help?