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I have found my late father's Sony TC105 and I'd like to be able to use it, however, whilst the spools start to move it cuts out after about 2 seconds - if I retry it the same happens. So it wants to work, but for some reason doesn't quite make it! Any suggestions? It probably hasn't been used for 20 years, but I had a look inside and all the belts and cables are connected and move ... Thanks Andy

Re: SONY TC105

I would think the belts are bad after 29 years. Most of those decks have an auto-shutoff of one type or another; some are related to the tape counter, so the counter must move or it will shut down. Some have a clutch type mechanism that will engage if the take-up spindle is not turning. Sometimes this mechanism stops working because of dried lubricants; this mechanism will be under the plate (under the cassette).

Re: SONY TC105

I am going to ask a stupid question.....Did you put a reel to reel tape on it?
There is an auto shut-off lever to the left of the erase head. No tape and unit shuts off.
Or you may have the tape threaded behind the lever.
Remove the head cover and look at the tape path.