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sony tc630 running slow

After using my sony tc630 for a while I turned it off. When I turned it back on it started playing slower. I cleaned all the rubber parts and belt and pulleys
thoroughly before starting it up (it had been a few years since I last played it)
and it played it fine---for a while. I disassembled it and found that the motor was hot. Does this indicate anything? I've read the run capacitor and the start
capacitor go bad on these things. Is that what happened? HELP!!!!

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Sony TC 630 Speed Problem

As You said if the capacitor is good, Please check the "Fly Wheel " Metal Bush for Lubrication and wear and tares i.e any shake between capstan and Bush. You have to open the Head assembly by removing 4 Screws to check the above. Also check the bottom side of the Fly Wheel and Chasis.