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There is much hype concerning the latest and best sound reproduction equipment.

However, without media of the highest sound quality all the investment is fruitless.

Orchestral Concert CDs has produced a series of live orchestral concert recordings which are, initially historic records of superb concerts by leading East European orchestras. Secondly the recording technique involved was unique and resulted in a quality of sound which is totally natural, to the extent that one gains the impression of actually being in the concert hall.

The webpage www.occds.org offers sample sound from each of the current 14 CDs published and also a sound sample CD, which is free, the only request is for £3.00 to cover the cost of postage.

One of the CDs was submitted to the German Record Critics Association and won the award for best historic recording, 2012 Q4, with the comment from the panel of judges that the sound technique is 'sensational'.

The same techniques was used for all the recordings and therefore you could expect to hear 'sensational' sound from any CD of your choice from the Virtual Concert hall Series.