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Source for Sony Cassette TC k677Es belts

Need belts for Sony Cassette TC K 677 ES. Here are the part numbers:

(From service manual):
A. Belt (mode) Ref. 165: 3-356- 603-01
B. Capstan V4 Ref. 184: 3-367-774-01
C. Capstan Ref 185: 3-364-600-01

Thanks for any leads.


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Re: Source for Sony Cassette TC k677Es belts

I know it's been 6 years since the OP asked for the information, however I just spent hours tracking this down, so maybe the next guy will benefit. There are 2 drive belts for the TCM200 V4 and one for the mode select/encoder. The Encoder/Mode belt from PBR number SCQ-2.5. The larger Capstan belt that loops both Capstans is PRB number FRW-8.5. This belt is critical for maintaining correct inter-capstan torque between the take up and supply pinch rollers. Otherwise, wow and flutter suffer terribly, as does tape handling, tape will skew across the heads no matter how well the supply roller guide is adjusted. If you play pre-recorded or tapes recorded on other machines encoded in Dolby B or C, when the tape skews you end up with the decoded audio sounding like it's played underwater or an MP3 file. Tape damage can also result as the tape is sideways thru the guide , wrinkling the tape and 'ironing' it between the take up capstan.

Finally the belt that time forgot, the Capstan motor to Supply Capstan belt. Some people insist this belt doesn't exist, since most have shrivelled up and fallen to pieces leaving no evidence of existence. For the record the Sony part number (no longer available,.. what a surprise) was 3-367-774-01. It is a flat belt with dimensions 5.60" X 0.093" X 0.033". You may have to look around, PRB dealers don't always have this exact size. At least you know WHAT you belt you are looking for now, and that it does exist.

For the record, here are all the other Sony Part Numbers:

*Mode Belt 3-356-603-01

*Inter-Capstan Belt 3-364-600-01

*Capstan Motor to Supply Capstan 3-367-774-01

If you have the PRB guide 2 belts will cross reference. The smaller capstan belt is not in there, and very few places know it exists. I've seen decks that someone used 2 thinner belts, in inter-capstan the other around both capstans to the capstan motor. Wow and flutter were about 10 times what they should be, nearly 1.5 percent. With proper lubrication and the correct belts, you can get that number down to less than 0.1%. This deck tested at 0.013 weighted. I hope this helps others, maybe more if this transport and belt set up was used across several or more regular Sony or ES models.

Source for Sony Cassette TC k677Es belts

From the book Sony pn's are 3-364-600-01 capstan belt crosses to a FRW8.5, 3-367-774-01 capstan belt no PRB cross, 3-356-603-01 no PRB cross

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Source for Sony Cassette TC k677Es belts

Try turntable needles dot com using a similar model like the TC-K611ES (I'd say both models share the same tape transport) you'll see all your listed part numbers and the corresponding types and sizes. Good luck.