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speaker and amp matchmaking advice

Hi guys,
I'm just getting started in the vintage Hifi world.
Recently picked one of these up on eBay:
Now looking for speakers to go with it. Thinking about these:
Any thoughts/suggestions?
I read that your amp should be 50% higher than your speaker in terms of watts.
These seem to fit the bill and the ohms rating is a match too. And they're pretty sexy to look at. A good match for the KA-4006 which is gorgeous.
Appreciate any responses/guidance.

Re: speaker and amp matchmaking advice

it's hard to evaluate a speaker from pictures and numbers.

"I read that your amp should be 50% higher than your speaker in terms of watts."
no I wouldn't agree with that.

"Any thoughts/suggestions?"
yes, forget all that numbers baloney.

You're looking for speakers? start here:
floor, bookshelf, sub-satellites ??? pick a category.
used mainly for background sound listening or big and loud, be in it sound ??
or both ?? some speakers are fine for background sound but not for those times
you want to crank it up. and vice versa.

how you can live with the speakers plays a big part too. Specifically your
living environment and room acoustics have major influence on your speakers audio.
placement of the speakers within a room is important too for best performance.

so start your selection by deciding where you're placing them.

My suggestions and thoughts:
within a given product line, manufacturer, the floor standing speakers
are usually more smooth sounding than the small bookshelf speakers.
and are also more efficient typically. this is good for playing at low and higher
really you're better off shopping someplace where you can see and checkout and hear the speakers. check the cabinet. Look to see if it's well made with good materials.

close your eyes. listen to your favorite music. YOU are your own best judge.
not the salesman. or your buddy's friend's cousin harvey.

I had one of those 4006 back in the early 80's. wasn't vintage, then.
it's lower to medium power. choose speakers which are more efficient to match that amp. if possible, play the chosen speakers within your room and turn it up to be fairly loud for your taste, then look at the pointer on the volume dial. if it's up around 12
o'clock (analog clock scale) or less, then that's a good power match with that amp in that room.

speakers and room acoustics make the biggest impact on sound.
amps not so much.
your amp's good enough to work with many quality speakers, vintage or not.
stick with 8 ohm rated speakers and only run 1 pair at a time.

that lets the smoke and magic escape.

hope this helps

Re: speaker and amp matchmaking advice

I would pay attention to magnet and voice coil size. For that efficiency. I have some JBL's with 8 inch speakers with 5 lb. magnets and 2 inch voice coils. They sound very good at low volume plenty of bass. I use a amp that will supply 10 times the rated 35 watts for the peaks on those little speakers. I switch between a Sansui 7000 and a Rotel RA 1412. both make the little JBL's sound real good. Personal preference for me is omni directional speakers like the little Aquarius. My rooms are never the right shape or size. I have big 15 inch front facing speakers but like the S109's for just sitting and listening. You are always facing them no matter where you sit. Have a good day and enjoy.