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speaker enclosures

As a restorer and collector of vintage hi-fi speakers, I feel a need to go beyond this and be bold and adventurous. Therefore, I would like to build a pair (or two) of speaker enclosures that would accommodate a pair of either 12-inch Eagle or 12-inch Eminence drivers for the bass – which I have; a pair of 8-inch drivers for the mid-range, and a pair of 1-inch dome tweeters. I have a number of crossovers, including KEF, as used in their Concertos, but I need to know a bit more about the size of enclosures to suit the abovementioned, and the size of a port. I have considered using 1-inch block board or 18cm MDF, but in this case, fortifying it with a suitable vibration resistant substance, such as fibre board or similar. The ultimate, of course, would be a pair of labyrinth or transmission line enclosures, but I am not sure if I could cope with this. Therefore, ported enclosures might be the answer. Can anyone help me with this, please