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Speaker pairing for Sony STR-7065A

New to this site. Not much of an audiophile but I love my Sony STR-7065A and would like suggestions for speakers to pair with this beautiful receiver. New or vintage suggestions welcome.


Re: Speaker pairing for Sony STR-7065A

You do not specify the type of music to which you listen, e.g. rock, classical, jazz, country etc. Also it is useful to know the program sources, e.g., CD, vinyl, tape, digital files (mp3, flac, etc.). For a broad answer I would say having 30 watts at 8 ohms available, you should consider a two-way bookshelf system with woofer no larger than 8 inches. Sensitivity is most important specification when trying to evaluate how loud a system will play. Remember for CD audio you need ten times the average power wattage to provide sufficient headroom. This means your typical listening levels will run around 3 or 4 watts (plenty for modern efficient loudspeakers). If however the program material is compressed, say lower resolution mp3 files, then you'll be running at 12 to 15 watts with peaks demanding two or three times those amounts. First and foremost, it is wise to consider the physical environment in which one intends to listen. Filling a large living room with sound using 30 watts is significantly different than casual playback in one's office while working on a computer. Read up on loudspeaker sensitivity (referenced at 1 watt / 1 meter) as well as dynamic headroom. Both of these concepts are worth researching before purchasing loudspeakers. Bonus information will be reading about loudness and how ears do not respond to all frequencies equally. Search for Fletcher–Munson curves to better understand sound perception.