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Speakers for Aiwa 7600 stereo-reciever

A novice when it comes to vintage-stereo, and looking for a few pointers.

Picked up the reciever in the subject-field at my local thrift-store recently. Facts and picture here: http://www.radiomuseum.org/r/aiwa_stereo_receiver_ax_7600.html

Very warm-sounding and packs quite a punch for the relatively low rating 2 x 40 in 8 ohm. (many modern amps must be rated way too high?) Looking for some speakers for it, either vintage or vintage-looking. Right now I am leaning towards a space-age JBL-Control One silver, not sure though. I plan to use this amp with a modern Pioneer PD10 Cd-player, and perhaps a modern DAB+/internet radio. Perhaps a Pioneer N30 or N50.