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standby power consumption

Hi. Does anybody know Sansui b-3000's standby power consumption? (when powered through a Sansui c-1000 preamp switched plug in standby mode)

Re: standby power consumption

The B-3000 does not use standby power.

Re: standby power consumption

Thanks a lot. I think I didnt pose the question correctly. The C-1000 Ive got it powered through has a standby mode and if I leave the B-3000 on (but supposedly without power) it (the C-1000 ) gets warm, so it (the B-3000) apparently when left on, makes the c-1000 consume some power (in standby mode) that as far as the hydro billl is concerned is as though the c-1000 had been left on, consuming its (on rate) 10 watts permanently And I wonder

Thanks a lot