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Stereo Receiver

I just picked up an older receiver from the early '70's: a Pioneer SX1000TW. It's being shipped now so I haven't had a chance to test it out, tho the seller is guaranteeing it to work fine. We'll see. At the price I paid, I can afford to take a chance on it, I suppose.

Does anyone know anything about this early Pioneer?

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Not the most impressive receiver made by Pioneer. Rather low power and not the best performer.

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Hmmm. Hifiengine lists it at 150 watts, (50 watts per channel output) with a S/N ratio of 80db (mm) 90db (line).

The Pioneer catalog of 1971 lists it at 150 watts (4 ohms) and 130 watts (8 ohms) with a THD of <0.5%, with a freq. response of 20 - 50,000 Hz (+- 1db). Those are all respectable numbers, esp from a early '70's unit.

Of course, the proof is in the pudding, as they say, when the vinyl from the tt hits the receiver and the juice coming out drives the speakers. We'll see (or should I say hear?). I did notice there were no reviews on this unit so no one else has yet weighed in on it. Not a good sign.

Thanks for your input, tho. I really have no idea what to expect until it arrives. Fortunately, I did not pay a lot for the unit or shipping.

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I owned an SX1000 for a short time. There's no way in the world it can produce 150 watts of power (maybe that's an IHF rating, which is highly misleading at best).

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Yes, that's what it must mean, because right behind the 150 watt claim (4 ohms) it states 50 watts per channel - 2 channel. So I think that's power consumption. Example: my Sanyo 3250 lists at 250 watts, but only puts out 12 watts per channel in 4-channel mode, 25 watts per in 2-channel (strapped) mode.

Still, 50 watts per (SX1000) is enough to drive a good pair of speakers. The THD of <0.5 is only so-so. I'll know more when I have it in hand, it 'looks' to be in near mint condition, including the wood.