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Stereo reel alignment tape

I have a Sony TC-530 reel deck I need to rehab, but all my alignment tapes were ruined in a flood. Does anyone have an extra one they can let me borrow, or even make a dub on a machine that's in spec? The service manual states 7.5 IPS. I'd grab one off eBay but this deck is going to empty my wallet for caps as it is. If someone can help out, I'd really appreciate it.

Re: Stereo reel alignment tape

To save money, I suggest getting a hold of a couple pre-recoreded reel tapes (auction site, or similar source). Use them to get playback alignment close (it will be within 5% if you use good source material and headphones). Opera, symphonic and classica reels are very affordable and many have survived the test of time. Recording calibrations can be carried out with preferred brand blank tape, audio oscillator and analog VOM (some DMM do not have sufficient high frequency resolution). I've restored over 20 Ampex dual-capstan reel-to-reel machines (800, 1100, 2100, series and AX-### machines). It is a very rare occasion that I use my MRL calibration and alignment tapes. Consider what you wish to achieve as a guideline: playback only usually only requires the mechanical adjustments be performed --- though some decks have HF EQ controls needing attention. To what one aligns can be multi-faceted question, since tapes recorded on a friend's machine may have alignment problems.