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STR DA50ES Unable to change input mode on receiver from a different Sony.remote.

Hi there,

Here is a weird question for ya'. I've got two remotes:
a) Scientic Altanta Universal from my cable provider
b) A universal Sony remote for an XBR9 series LCD tv. The specific remote model number is "RMYD029".

Here is my situation, when I enter the Sony Receiver code for the cable provided remote (Scientic Altanta), I'm able to switch inputs on my receiver (example, change from DVD to TV, or Tuner, etc) The codes here are 5 digits long and different than Sony's too.

Now, when I enter the Sony Receiver code for Sony brand remote "RMYD029", I can only control the volume, mute, and power button. I know the remote works since I'm able to switch inputs on Sony bookshelf system in my bedroom.

With all this said, I'm wondering if there is a specific remote code needed for the STR DA50ES thats not listed???? I tried all the A/V Receiver codes listed on Sony's site, and spoke with a rep.. no luck.

Thanks and Regards,