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stv 4H

Could some body tell me the alternative soloution of STV4H diode....

Re: stv 4H

As an alternative, you can put a number of diodes in series and try and match the impedience of the array in forward bias direction. But you may find that the impedience is not exactly the same as the original (somewhere between 3 and 4 diodes in series). The other issue would be in mounting, as the original mounts with a single screw, and a mounting method would need some creative mounting solution.
Why not get a hold of an original STV4H??
I know that some on the bay are advertised at an unreasonable price of over $30.
But most driver boards from the 70's early 80's used these devices, and many times you can pick up driver boards for $10, and you would get 2 of the STV4H.

How many do you need??