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Superscope A235 Schematic or service manual

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I have a Superscope A235 small (15W?) stereo amplifier that I am really liking the sound of but it is distorting on one channel. I will replace all capacitors but wanted to know how to adjust the bias or if there was a DC offset adjustment. Right now the DC offset is about 30 mA on the left channel and 22 mA on the right. Not too bad. I also realize that I may need to replace the transistors in the driver sections if not also the outputs but the schematic would help me identify which ones are drivers.

I noticed there isn't a section for Superscope which is kind of a shame since this site is awesome for the breadth of equipment manuals I've used before.


Mike "Thermionicman" Dowless

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Superscope A-235 service manual found

Well, I found one so I uploaded it to the HFE site. Hope it helps others looking for the service data.