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Symphonic Model 3PN46S turntable

Looking for the Service Manual, the dried grease turned into epoxy, Any help appreciated, Thanks!

Re: Symphonic Model 3PN46S turntable

WD-40 Multi-Use Product can help. I got a turntable from the early 1970´s and platter did not turn at all. That WD-40 spray fix it just a one night very easy too !

Re: Symphonic Model 3PN46S turntable

You can loosen the grease with acetone; be careful around plastics and painted surfaces.

Re: Symphonic Model 3PN46S turntable

Thanks ya'll, Found my Tenma Digital Rework Workstation I use for SMD and 170• + WD40 made it easy.
Replaced the selenium, Went to a 50EH15, the schematic on the inside noted the .047 to be 900 WVDC.
It had a .5uf 400V. Used a 1200V poly, ended up replacing filter caps, 140Ω wire wound for the filament.
I got the top of the amp box off and found an open 3MΩ. The box removal took longer than expected.

The Sams Photofact had nothing on the mechanical. Any help there would be appreciated.