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syncaset 238 locking x2 together

Hi all, I am asking for some help out there regarding locking these decks together. I know of the MTS-1000 and the ATS-500 but these are near impossible to find (especially at the ends of the earth where I am from...Tasmania). I have tried to research and cross referance/platform other products but all I have are rough guesses and bad suppositions regarding what I could possibly "rig up" to accomplish the task. Does anybody know "for sure" a set up that will get the job done? There are plenty of smpte controllers and even some that converts smpte to midi but the connections are wrong (since the 238 sports a serial connector) and I dont want to buy something that ends up not working out (since shipping is a killer over here). I dont neccesarily need anything other than master/slave connectability so that when i press "the transport" on the master machine both machines go and stay locked together.
At this point I would even accept "this should work" if you are totally sure of your self...not just some guy like me who has only a splattering of knowledge.

I appreciate your help.