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Tactile switch for nakamichi bx100

Hi i recently acquired a misbehaving BX100 model. I believe i have tracked down the issue to a corroded rewind switch actuator switch on the pcb. It is referred on the diagram as SW704 although 701 thru 708 are the same 4.3mm tactile switch. It has 5 pins unlike most like stuff in the marketplace which seems to have either 4 or 2 pins only. My request is does anyone out there know of a reliable source for one of these as i have checked out my shortish list of likely suppliers without success. Alternatively does anyone have one i could buy from them or advise the impact of fitting a similar but 4 pin new one of correct size if that is my only option thanks

Re: Tactile switch for nakamichi bx100

Is the 5th pin connected to something on the circuit board? It may only be there to insure proper positioning on the board. A 4 pin switch may be adequate.

Re: Tactile switch for nakamichi bx100

Thanks Johnnysan for the quick response. After some further investigation online I think I have found the likely switch, in the Uk too, from RS Components. The 5th pin is an option for the switch [different codes] & comes in 4 & 5 pin configurations & several heights/pressure options. I think the one I need is a panasonic evq-pbc04m‎ which is 4.3mm height & matches the 5 pinouts. The 5th pin is an earth. Fingers x'd and for the benefit of any others affected here is the link

Re: Tactile switch for nakamichi bx100

Hello, What I usually do is using the original switches. I would remove all of them from the PCB, put them in a small glass (or plastic cup) and cover them with contact spray. Cover the cup (wrapping foil) and shake them like mixing a cocktail. If you not in hurry leave them for 1h ... 1day, shake again. Pick them up vith tweezers and dry them from outside in a paper tissue. Resolder them, then you have a new keyboard.

By the way, we repair Tape decks in Japan, we are specialized in Nakamichi Decks.