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Tandberg 3300x

I have a hummm..sound in left output channel of my Tandberg3300 when I connect it to amplifier. I measured the resistance between +/- left output,and I have 0.75kOhm instead of 2.3kOhm.
On the PCB I measure R175 is 0.7k instead of 2.2k.The R176 is 100 Ohm.
When I took R175 out of PCB it shows correct 2.2 k.
I am a new hobbies and I am confused .I need your help and I will be very thankful for any help .

Re: Tandberg 3300x

My guess is that C155, 2.2uf, is shorted.

Re: Tandberg 3300x

Thank you Johnnysan. Your guest is correct.The original cap was 160v,and I replaced it with 2.2uF 50V. The deck works good for now,but I may have to put 100v capacitor later on.