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Tandberg 3600xd

I try to DIY on my Tandberg 3600xd. It has some issues:

1. The recording is distored of high level input signal. I can't control the VU meters. They jump to the end every time I push the record buttons.

2. The deck plays previously recorded tapes pretty well.

3. When finally I turn off the power on the deck,I hear kind of squeaking sound. The sound comes every time I turn off the unit ,and it lasts for second or so.

I have very basic knowledge of electronic and soldering,but I'm curious I can fixed it.
I will appreciate any information offered.

Re: Tandberg 3600xd

Sounds like your record-playback switches are dirty. I would use a good spray cleaner like Deoxit.

Re: Tandberg 3600xd

Thank you Johnnysan,
I work on this deck for long time. I fix it mechanically, clened pots,switches with Deoxid . I replaced the rectifier, which was blown - cracked. The deck stayed apart for a year, and when I start putting it back together I fond out the SM 3600xd main PCB from HF Engine is different to PCB of my 3600xd unit. The input part/left site/ of my 3600xd PCB looks like left "input" site of T3300x PCB. In other words looks like my T3600xd PCB is combination of 3300 PCB and 3600xd PCB according to SM.This sounds crazy, but it confused me to but INPUT cable harness /shoes back together.To make the story short I have 2 questions :

Should I take off the switches, take them apart and clean them?

What to do with those squeaking /like mouse /sound coming from the speakers,when I finally turn off the power?

I made so many attempts, and I am really confused right now.