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Tandberg Fasett Speaker Problem

One of two Tandberg Fasett speakers produces no sound. I have thoroughly checked the amplifier and wire connections and verified that they are working properly. I am a technically knowledgeable person and am seeking advice if this problematic be easily traceable and fixable using the circuitry diagram and diagnostic tools.

I would be grateful for any guidance.


Re: Tandberg Fasett Speaker Problem

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Check cabling/plug, then driver(s)...

Re: Tandberg Fasett Speaker Problem

Thanks for your suggestions. I have checked and replaced the cable. The plug is alright because the amplifier is working properly. What could cause all three drivers (speakers) not to work simultaneously?


Re: Tandberg Fasett Speaker Problem

Please try setting your VOM/DMM to ohm, measure speaker plug +/-. Should be less than 10 ohm. If much more, you will need to open speakers and measure ohm over speaker/driver-terminals & check internal wiring.

Arne K