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tandberg tia 3012

hi i have a tandberg tia 3012. i bought it a while ago and it has worked very good, but now something went wrong and its not working. when i turn it on u can only put the sound realy low. if i put it up just a little bit i can here something inside the amp click off and the music will go off. i tried unplugging it and letting it cool off for a while and it still dose the same thing. can somebody tell me whats wrong with it?

Could take a guess,and

Could take a guess,and say-the output-fuse.It`s not a fuse really,but a build-in switch,witch awaits the power out to the speakers a bit,after you switch it on.The contact-plates will get dirty over the years,and start to react to power passed it.I am not sure what this fuse locks like in the 3012,but usually it is sheltered by a see-throu plastic sheild.You need to clean/polisch the contact-plates!Fine sand-paper usually do the trick!You`ll probably find it on the main board,and it`rather big,so you can`t miss it!

The part you are refering to

The part you are refering to is the speaker protection relay. the contacts inside get oxidized over time and can usually be cleaned. Alternatively the relay can be unsoldered and replaced. These are usually quite common. The relay will be turned off by the protection circuit if there are problems in the output circuits (not a faulty relay), such as DC @ the speaker terminals, or bad DC offset in the amplifier, caused by bad components. Never try to circumvent this protection, or serious damage could occur to the amp, speakers, or both!