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Tascam 38 problems

Hello, I have an older model 38 that the belt was worn on. I ordered and replaced it but not without some issues. The belt replacement itself was fairly straight ahead but somehow in so doing (I think) I diplaced the little string with spring that attaches to the right side take up "arm" It's possible it had been like that and I never noticed but either way it was off. This was a MAJOR pain in the butt, including the spring unhooking and falling into the guts of the machine. Good news is I got the spring out and was able (with great difficulty) to get the string and little brass piece back where it was supposed to be. Feeling like I was victorius now in all aspects of the repair, I replaced everything, buttoned down and was ready for some recording. When I turned it on, everything lights up as usual but I get no tape movement, no FF no Rewind, nothing. The transport buttons do nothing, I can't believe anything major happened as all was working fine before. I must have missed something somewhere....any words of wisdom (from experience) from any 38 owners? Thanks, hoping after all this I don't have to send it out somewhere. The wire harness IS plugged in so its not that (the plugged in part of that anyway)


Re: Tascam 38 problems

Is there a plug on the back that goes into the remote control socket?

Re: Tascam 38 problems

I don't think so but will check. Thanks for the reply. I'm now suspect of the harness behind the transport buttons, perhaps its not fully engaged or some pins not fully connected. will try again to fix the issue today. I also hope I've posted this in the correct place...sorry if not!

edit: There is a remote plug in back, I have never used it nor have anything to fit the connection. (nor removed anything connected in the back) What could be the issue, connection came loose somehow...the plug HAS to be connected internally? I checked the harness in the front and it appears to be ok...

Re: Tascam 38 problems

Since you lost most functions and the remote plug is inserted I would think that something internally is disconnected.