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Tascam M-06

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I have an ION portable turntable that has a line level RCA output, this turntable sounds as though it is miss-matched when playing, the highs are strained and the lows nearly non-existent. The manual insists that this output NOT be plugged into a 'phono-level' input as that may cause damage.

I have a Tascam M-06 mixer that I would like to try using as both a EQ to improve the sound as well as to use the unit for a pre-amp. I don't have another pre-amp source and I would like to connect these to a Toshiba SC-335 MkII amplifier.

My question is this; does the Tascam M-06 have a compatible high level output to connect to the amplifier? This mixer (as well as the amplifier) was given to me by the senior center my mother is affiliated with and I don't understand it well enough to feel comfortable connecting it to the amp without advise. The only info I can find relating to monitors in the Tascam manual is for effects/PGM signals sent to the "phones output" and "VU" meters. I see nothing in the manual about connecting to an amplifier, at least not in a language I understand. Thanks for any response in advance

I know that my best bet as far as improving sound would be to buy a 'real' turntable but then I would HAVE to use the mixer because my AV receiver has no phono input

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Cartridge may be bad. What condition is the stylus? If the turntable is preamped then there should be adequate equalization for the cartridge used.

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Re: Tascam M-06

Thanks for the response. Although it is no guarantee of condition, the turntable was new in May of 2016 and came out of the box sounding this way. They do however have a different stylus for 78 rpm records, wonder if it has the wrong stylus. Any ideas on connecting the Tascam mixer to an amp? Thanks again!

Thought perhaps a link to the Tascam manual would be handy...

What is the difference between "public address"/"sound reinforcement" amplifiers and an amplifier that would generally be used with home audio such as the Toshiba SC-335 MkII? Thank you