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Teac 3340S Issues

My Teac 3340S plays a pre-recorded tape okay. However, here are recording issues:

> Recording by mike does not work on any channel.
> Headphone plug-in does not work.
> Line-in recording does not work on channels 1 and 4 - the meters show sound coming in but nothing is on the tape for these channels.

Does all this mean I need a new record head?

I am trying to remove bottom front panel to deox the switches, pots. and check the mike and headphone plug-ins but am having trouble removing the knobs and the record lights to get the plate off.

Re: Teac 3340S Issues

Could be bad capacitors in the record circuit, and poor relay contacts. Mic and headphone jacks could be dirty. Unlikely that the heads have gone bad; might need cleaning though.

Re: Teac 3340S Issues

I'm a newbie at this and need help with locating parts to deox. Can you tell me how to get to these?

> Sync switches on head block (i know the switches but where do I spray the deoxit?)
> Tape/source monitor switches
> Pots - how do I deox and clean the pots....from behind the knobs? Do I just try to pull the knobs off and spray, or do I have to go in behind them from the back of the unit?
> Where is the record capacitor and record motor?
> How do I clean the mic jack and phone jacks?


Re: Teac 3340S Issues

I can have these checked by a tech. Are the capacitors and relays hard to replace if bad? One guy said to clean the heads with acetone, if won't clean with regular head cleaner.

Re: Teac 3340S Issues

Acetone is a bit harsh; alcohol should clean the heads. It may take a few tries.