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Teac 3440

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Hi all, new to the site, but a very good one. A while since I have been involved with reel to reel recorders. I have th oppernity to purchase a TEAC-3440 in South Africa. I would like to know if it is possible to replay tapes that where recorded on Revox 4 track, 2 channel stereo unit. These tapes pplay in the one direction track 1 and 3 and in the other direction track 2 and 4. I thought that one could select the track to be replayed on the Teac 3440 (e.g. replay track and 3 in the one direction and track 2 and 4 in the other direction) this would be possible ? Has anybody got experience or knwo about this ? look forward to any suggestions as well.
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Guido Mol, email reply possible as well : gdjm@mweb.co.za

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TEAC 33430

Isn't there a switch to the right of the Ch 4 VU meter which switches "PLAY" between '2 channel' and '4 channel'. There is on my 3340S. You need to select 2 channel for playback of your 4track tapes. Otherwise just connect to ch 1 & 3 all the time and turn reel over to play the other tracks.

Teac A3440 playback of 4 track Revox tapes.

I have done this very thing and it worked just fine. Old commercial prerecorded tapes playback well also. I have read somewhere that to reduce crosstalk between tracks, the tracks recorded on this machine are slightly narrower than on a standard 4 track stereo machine. Theoretically this may cause an apparent bass boost to your revox tapes due to something called the fringing effect. I noticed no problems though with my system. Go for it.

3440 & a3340s

The A3340S & 3440 has almost the same features 4 track 4 channel. Unles you are recording on all 4 channel you will hear them on each channel. What you need is a 4 channel amp to record on all 4. You can record on all 4 channel on tape 1 and 2 channel on tape 2 then you can hear on all 4 but playback is only 2 channel (tape 1 or 2). What you need is a 4 channel preamp. Try taping a song on cd on 1 & 3 and a microphone on 2 and 4 then you are recording at 4 channel. Mow you can hearr 1 channel the music and your singing of microphone. the other channel.
That use to be my frustration. Good for musicians and editing. but also very good in listen to music, it's stereo.
Nice for Karaoke night taping you can hear them sing arcapella after wards..