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Teac A-150 Tape Mechanism not engaging

Hello! I've recently been interested in getting into the hifi space, and my first purchase was a Goodwill find Teac A-150 Cassette Deck. The unit itself is in immaculate condition inside and out, very clean.

However, the unit does not appear to be functioning correctly as the cassette player does not engage *when there is a tape inside*. Instead, pressing the play button will only engage for about a second before abruptly disengaging. Fastforward and Rewind suffer similar issues. I had checked the inside and the belts seem fine.

Also, the unit does not seem to accept any line input at all, not reacting when I play sound into it nor outputting said input.

I had checked the owner's manual but it did not have any say on this particular issue. Any and all advice would be very much appreciated! I'd love to get this ol' beauty up and running again!