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TEAC A-4010S wire loose

I recently acquired a TEAC A-4010S that needs a new belt. When I opened the back to get to the capstan mounting screws, I noticed two wires twisted together and soldered, with the solder joint just hanging there in the air. I looked for a place to re-connect them, assuming they had been attached somewhere, but could not find a place they obviously came from. The wires are each white with red and blue stripes. I have a picture of them I could send to anyone who is willing to look at their machine and tell me where they go. Of course, it is possible that they should be where they are, and maybe insulation has dropped off the solder joint.

I just found the gallery and uploaded my picture there. Title "Teac A-4010S rear view" The red arrow points to the loose wires.

Thanks in advance for any info.