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teac a3340 playback speed issue

Hi all. bought a teac 3340 recently so i could dump all of my old analog band recordings to a digital format. Tapes were originally recorded on a dokorder 1140 which has long long ago bit the dust. 3340 reel speeds are 7.5 and 15. Just thought i would toss the tapes on and transfer away. HOWEVER the tape speeds are way off. anything played on the teac sounds like alvin and the chipmunks and trust me my band was not covering alvin and the chipmunks in the late 70's. the dokorder did have 3 record speeds of 3.5/7/15 its as opposed to 2 on the teac but most of the dokorder tapes were recorded 7.5 or 15. any ideas smart people?

Re: teac a3340 playback speed issue

You may have shorted or bad capacitors at the capstan motor; C6 is the dual cap that is rated at 2uf and .8uf. This capacitor needs to be very close to the rated capacitance--250 volts AC. Is the belt in the 50 or 60Hz setting? It will be in the pulley groove in the front nearest the tape (50Hz) or nearest the motor (60Hz). Much less likely is bad capacitors at the take-up motor (C17 through 20).
Also not likely but possible: tape was recorded too slow a speed.