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TEAC AG-D9260 "Protect" Error

Hello, is there someone encounter the protect prompt error in teac av model ag-d9260? I already isolated the wires and speakers and the error prompt even no wires and speakers connected on the output. Obviously, the av is defective. I have a limited budget to pay for repairs, can you give me some idea what components need to check or need to replace especifically? Its been 2 years I cannot use my AV, my first ever AV. Thanks for the help.

Re: TEAC AG-D9260 "Protect" Error

Try leaving it unplugged for at least half an hour. This may reset the microprocessor.
If that doesn't work you may have component damage.

Re: TEAC AG-D9260 "Protect" Error

Hello, thanks for your reply. very much appreciated. But unfortunately, still the same error. I already removed the pcb assembly and try yo look for any visible defective components seems normal. since I dont have tester, is there someone there who can give me the ideal suspected defective component? thanks very much...